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What We Can and Can Not Do

Trauma intervention

365 days per year, 7days per week, 24 hours a day. If you have been a victim of any trauma – hijacking, robbery, been in an accident or witnessed one, exposed to some horrific event such as murder, suicide or attempted suicide – we have de-briefers available to attend to you at your request.

Practical support

Assistance in getting protection order.Assistance in court proceedings relating to domestic violence

Outreach Programme

We have an outreach programme in two schools at present, where our focus is on individual therapy and group work.

Assisted Employee Programme

We are available to Corporates and business to attend to staff counselling. We offer this service as part of our sustainability programme.

Place of safety

We offer a place of safety to victims of domestic violence and abuse. We can accommodate 4 clients in our place of safety and accept women and mothers with their children.

Student Social Workers

We are in partnership with UNISA and provide practical work for student social workers to integrate theory with practice as part of their academic requirements.

Psychosocial Services

  • Individual Therapy

If you need ongoing psychological counselling, please do nothesitate to make an appointment to see one of our professional counsellors for emotional issues, bereavement, depression, anxiety, fear, rape, abuse, domestic violence, or any intervention you might require.

  • Couples

Marriage counselling, family conflict, parenting concerns, relationship issues, financial counselling and any matter which require ongoing counselling.

  • Group Work

We offer a variety of group work such as parenting, conflict resolution, bereavement, abuse, behavioural problems and any matters which are commonly shared by others in the community.

  • Play therapy

Working with behavioural problems in children and allowing them to communicate their feelings through play.